Frequently asked questions

How long is my tenancy application stored?
Forever! Once registered, you have lifetime access to retrieve it, edit it, print it or send it somewhere.

Are the forms free?
Absolutely! But if you are unable to open them you may need to download Adobe Reader

How do I send my Tenancy Application to a Landlord?
Down the bottom of the "My Tenancy Application" page is an option to save your Application as a PDF. Once you have done this you are able to attach it to any email. Alternatively you may wish to print a copy to give to your prospective Landlord.

Can I send my Tenancy Application through HousesToRent?
Yes - use your illion Tenancy login at 
When you find a home that you like click on "Apply for this Listing." HousesToRent is able to import your application from illion Tenancy then send it to the landlord for you.

Disputed Transactions Help

Look here for Disputed Transactions process if you find something on your report that you think isn't right